Gran Morgan
Gran, on her 90th birthday.

Welcome to Morgan Recipes!  Back in 2008, I claimed my Grandmother’s recipe box as she was moving into assisted living.  It sat in my apartment gathering dust until 2010, when I started this blog in an effort to finally catalog these recipes, sharing family stories and commentary along the way.  Once I finished the main part of the project, getting the book of printed recipes to my family, the blog sat more or less unattended until this year, when I realized that I had more to tell.

Wes Gifford with Strawberry Pie
Wes with Strawberry Glaze Pie.

I now have a new set of recipes; these found not on cards in a box but as scribblings on various pieces of paper, filling a drawer in the office of Wes Gifford, a dear friend of my mother’s who sadly passed away Sept. 2013.   An adventurous cook, Wes loved to share newly created recipes with us, often with stories of how previous incarnations had gone horribly wrong.  This is my valiant attempt to give a sort of new life to his scribbled recipes, some of which may be forever left “in progress”, some faded, some not always legible (Wes was also a lawyer, after all).

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